About the Training Presenter

The Accounting and Financial Managment Training Courses are presented by a professional trainer and coach, Gail Emmerick.

Gail is Alumni of the University of Pretoria with an award for Top 3rd year student in her Post Graduate Commerce Degree.

For 20 years, Gail has recruited  trained and managed financial operational resources for organizations earning an annual from R2 million up to to R1 billion, including public entity where the PFMA (Public Finance and Management Act) is applied.

As a project manager, Gail has experienced highly pressurized environments and has coached and mentored many resources from junior positions within organizations to achieving senior positions, including Chief Financial and Operational Officer positions. Many of these people remain close personal friends of Gail and often require ongoing motivation and coaching.

Gail’s training style is one of high energy and participation. No one gets bored during Gail’s presentations and always walks out with knowledge that they would only receive in a practical and operational environment.

Organizations wishing to book attendance for 10 or more people are welcome to arrange an interview with Gail prior to the training commencement.

Advanced Accounting and Financial Management courses to be launched soon.

References available upon request.