Management Coaching Course

Do you have what it takes to be a manager?

Motivate yourself and your employees using “the fire in your belly”.

Change a culture of “passing the buck” to “taking responsibility”.

Increase your opportunities of becoming indispensable to your Employer.

Taking responsibility means “find a way”, “follow through” and “there’s always a solution”.

Make sure that work you have already done is backed up with working papers and acknowledgement of receipts.

Identify areas in your business / department that can be operated more efficiently and make them more efficient.

Identify and optimize your staff’s skill sets.

Interviewing techniques to identify candidates to suit the culture of your business.

The value and weaknesses of psychometric evaluations.

Manage staff using performance appraisals.

Develop trust and respect from your employees.

Use financial information of your business / department to optimize your profitability and effectiveness.

Apply disciplinary procedures to increase the effectiveness of your business / department.

The course will be for a minimum and maximum of 10 people per course.


Course Duration

5 days from 08h30 to 13h00



R5,000.oo per person excluding VAT


Included in Price

Refreshments and Snacks